Catastrophe mechanism of investor trust mutation under negative effect in P2P platform


  • Yuwei Yan School of Business, Taishan University, Taian, China
  • Yi Song Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School, Shenzhen 518000, China


Given progress in the era of big data coupled with the spread of regulatory policies for the Internet lending industry, P2P platform
investors face a huge amount of real-time information. Simultaneously, investors’ trust in the P2P platform is in flux under the influence of internal and external factors. In particular, the establishment of an online lending industry framework and regulatory mechanisms have put the P2P platform under great pressure to clean up and change. The negative publicity related to the P2P platform emerges on a regular basis. With the continuous accumulation of negative information, the investor’s trust may gradually reduce. This will seriously affect the future operation of the online lending platform. It is a problem that the P2P platform and the entire network lending industry urgently need to prevent and avoid. The catastrophe theory can explain this phenomenon of sudden change and also provides a powerful tool for the study of investor trust evolution in this paper. Therefore, on the basis of the study on the initial trust building and influencing factors of the investors in the early stage, this article based on investor trust mutation model constructed by catastrophe theory, discusses the influencing factors of investor trust mutations in the context of group negative events and attempts to find the critical point or boundary of trust mutations to prevent and circumvent them.

Keywords: P2P platform; Catastrophe theory; Investor trust, Opinion dynamics; Simulation

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Y. Yan, Y. Song, "Catastrophe mechanism of investor trust mutation under negative effect in P2P platform.",
Engineering Intelligent Systems, vol. 26 no. 2-3, pp. 147-157, 2018.