Network Awareness Data Fusion Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Time Series


  • Minchuan Wang School of Information Engineering, Zhengzhou Institute of Technology, Zhengzhou 450000, China


There are two problems with the traditional fusion algorithm: low detection accuracy and redundancy of outliers, which decrease fusion accuracy. A fusion algorithm based on fuzzy time series was proposed to distinguish speech register from network perceptual data. Based on the third-order historical data, fuzzy relations were established to classify them according to their differences. In this paper, a new prediction algorithm is proposed for the sensing of network data, and the actual data conversion of sensor nodes is determined according to certain principles. Experiments show that the fuzzy time series model has better prediction accuracy and improves the fusion accuracy.

Keywords: Fuzzy Time Series, Network-Aware Data, Fusion Algorithm, Fuzzy Relationship, Discourse Domain Division

Cite As

M. Wang, "Network Awareness Data Fusion Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Time Series", Engineering
Intelligent Systems,
vol. 29 no. 5, pp. 331-337, 2021.