Performance Analysis of Cloud Computing Resource Scheduling Optimization Based on IPSO Algorithm


  • Wu Chunqiong Yango University, Fuzhou Fujian 350015, China


With the emergence of cloud computing technology, users and researchers are constantly exploring ways to use network technology to simulate intelligent system operations, introduce more practical application functions, and assist with the design of cloud computing platforms. The design and development of cloud computing platforms require a sound knowledge of computer science and engineering, although several theories have been advanced by research scholars in this field. Cloud computing network platforms have been able to provide an increasing number of data resources, and the number of users who use cloud computing network platforms for data processing is also increasing. In the long-term, the current structure of the cloud computing network platform will no longer be able to meet users’ requirements for a good quality network platform. Based on the analysis of the particle swarm algorithm, this article addresses the current problems related to the use of the algorithm, and adjusts the bad particles and parameters in a particle swarm so that the algorithm can better meet the construction needs of a cloud computing platform.

Keywords: IPSO algorithm; Cloud computing; Resource scheduling; Optimized performance

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W. Chunqiong, "Performance Analysis of Cloud Computing Resource Scheduling Optimization
Based on IPSO Algorithm", Engineering Intelligent Systems, vol. 29 no. 6, pp. 395-401, 2021.