Intelligent System for Educational Informatization Based on BP Neural Network


  • Bihong Lin Guangzhou College of Technology and Business, Guangzhou 510850, Guangdong, China


In keeping with global informatization, a combination of science and technology is being applied in the education sector where an intelligent system of educational informatization is playing a vital role. However, with the continuous changes being made to educational objectives and requirements, the volume of data generated by teaching activities are increasing, the teaching environment is becoming more and more complex, and teaching management is beginning more difficult. The traditional education system cannot cope with such a complicated and problematic scenario, let alone manage education and teaching activities effectively. In this paper, and utilizing a BP neural network algorithm, an in-depth analysis of the teaching
environment is conducted, and teaching theory and algorithm theory is applied to construct an intelligent teaching information system. Then, the constructed intelligent system is tested in terms of: management efficiency, user use and system performance. Finally, it is found that the average management efficiency of the system proposed in this paper can reach more than 80% in terms of course management and student management, which proves that it is a practical solution. If it is widely applied in the current education sector, it can provide scientific and effective technical support for the intelligent development of education informatization.

Keywords: education system, BP neural network, network regulation, teaching management

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B. Lin, "Intelligent System for Educational Informatization Based on BP Neural Network", Engineering Intelligent
vol. 31 no. 1, pp. 21-31, 2023.