The Role of Data Fusion Internet Cloud Computing in Enterprise Economic Data Management System


  • Wen Jiang School of Economics and Management, Xi’an University, Xi’an 710065, Shaanxi, China


Today, big data has become amajor resource for enterprises worldwide. Given the massive and increasing amount of enterprise data being generated, it makes sense for companies to focus on the processing and analysis of economic data to create more value for their enterprise and adapt to the changing economic environment. As an emerging technology, cloud computing is welcomed by an increasing number of enterprises and users because of its convenience, directness and low cost. Cloud computing offers a new business model, which makes the operation and management of enterprises more intelligent, and also provides a scientific basis for their operations and decision-making. Based on data fusion technology and using the Internet
cloud computing platform, in this paper, a financial analysis is conducted of the corporate economic data of Xingang Group, and the predicted and actual values of financial and economic indicators in each quarter of 2021 are analyzed and compared. The results show that the average error rate of the Internet cloud computing platform’s operating income forecast is 12%, and the average error rate of operating costs is 3.8%; the operating profit margin forecast has an average error rate of 10.3%, and the ROE forecast has an error rate of 1.5%.

Keywords: Internet cloud computing, data fusion, economic data processing, enterprise management, financial analysis

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W. Jiang, "The Role of Data Fusion Internet Cloud Computing in Enterprise Economic Data Management
System", Engineering Intelligent Systems, vol. 31 no. 1, pp. 53-63, 2023.