The Innovation of Online Social Science Education Facilitated by Data Mining


  • Jinhan Yang Northeast Agricultural University, Harbin, Heilongjiang 150006, China


Social sciences are a valuable area of study in universities. In this paper, a brief description is given of the traditional teaching mode and of the algorithm for a personalized learning path planning used on the online platform in the online education mode. For the study, data was collected from a sample of students enrolled in social science classes in 2019 and 2020 at the Northeast Agricultural University. The students were divided into control classes and experimental classes. The control classes were instructed using the traditional teaching mode, while the experimental classes received online teaching in addition to the traditional teaching mode. The students were tested before the beginning of the experiment and then again after one month of being taught via the traditional mode (control group) and the blended learning mode (experimental group). A questionnaire survey was conducted among students in the experimental classes. The scores obtained by students using the traditional online platform were compared with those of students who learned via the online platform that included the learning path planning algorithm. The results showed that the online platform with the learning path planning delivered more accurate and appropriate learning paths more consistently although students were at different learning levels. The social science test scores of the control classes that adopted the traditional teaching mode did not change significantly before and after the one-month teaching period, while most of the test scores of students in the experimental classes that adopted online teaching achieved scores ranging
between 81 and 100 after the set teaching period. The survey results showed that the blended teaching mode could meet students’ learning needs more satisfactorily, and most students used the online platform for the purpose of consolidating their knowledge.

Keywords: data mining, social science, online platform, knowledge concept interaction degree

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J. Yang, "The Innovation of Online Social Science Education Facilitated by Data Mining", Engineering
Intelligent Systems,
vol. 30 no. 4, pp. 325-331, 2023.