Construction of Teaching Quality Evaluation System Based on Intelligent Data Mining Technology


  • Xiaoling Xu Xi’an Innovation College of Yan’an University, Xi’an 710100, Shaanxi, China


In recent years, data mining technology has become more sophisticated and has been applied in many domains, although its application in the field of education and teaching is less common. Therefore, this paper adopted intelligent data mining technology to construct a system that evaluates the quality of teaching. The teaching evaluation system proposed in the paper is compared with the traditional teaching evaluation system, and is analyzed in terms of system performance, accuracy, reliability and security. The comparison showed that the proposed system improves evaluation performance by 9.8%, the accuracy by 4.6%, the reliability by 9.7%, and the safety by 7.4%. From the satisfaction survey of supervision evaluation, student evaluation, specialist evaluation, parent assessment, and teacher assessment, it can be seen that stakeholders are satisfied, to various degrees, with the teaching quality evaluation system. The evaluation results indicate that the comprehensive ranking of students’ performance in different classes by means of the proposed evaluation system improves students’ academic performance. Similarly, the results of the simulation experiment conducted in this study indicate that the proposed evaluation system improves teachers’ professional development and quality of teaching.

Keywords: data mining techniques; teaching quality; teaching evaluation; evaluation systems; intelligent systems

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X. Xu, "Construction of Teaching Quality Evaluation System Based on Intelligent Data Mining Technology"
Engineering Intelligent Systems, vol. 31 no. 6, pp. 413-422, 2023.