Image Dehazing Networks Based on Residual Blocks and Feature Fusion


  • Changxiu Dai


Nowadays, the quality of haze images has been greatly improved after defogging, but there are still some problems such as incomplete defogging and color bias. To solve these problems, an image-defogging network based on residual parameter block and feature fusion is proposed in this paper. The network includes the feature module of the extracted image, the color feature and content feature fusion module of the image, and the restored image module. In order to extract image color features and content features effectively, residual blocks and mixed attention are used in the color feature and content feature extraction module, which can remove fog and better maintain the color and content of the original image. Finally, in the image
restoration module, the fused image feature map is non-linear mapped to obtain the image after removing haze. Compared with the existing methods, the proposed method has achieved good image visual effects in both computer-generated scene images and actual scene images.

Keywords: Image dehazing; Feature extraction; Residual block; Feature fusion; Convolutional neural network

Cite As

C. Dai, "Image Dehazing Networks Based on Residual Blocks and Feature Fusion",
Engineering Intelligent Systems, vol. 31 no. 6, pp. 449-456, 2023.