Adaptive Tracking of Electronic Communication Signals Based on Nonlinear Filtering


  • Zailin Li School of 3d Printing, Xinxiang University, Xinxiang, 453000, China


With the rapid development of the Internet, people have increased their network interaction behaviors in indoor environments, and indoor positioning services are being used more and more frequently in daily life. The TC-OFDM system has shown good performance in indoor positioning applications in recent years, and the gradual progress of 5G technology and the wide application of Time Division Duplex (TDD) technology require a new method for the existing TC-OFDM indoor positioning system. The intermittent broadcast of 5G signals in TDD makes it difficult for the existing TC-OFDM system receiver to effectively track the positioning signal. In this regard, the open-loop structure is used to redesign the signal tracking loop of the TC-OFDM receiver. In this paper, an improved adaptive Kalman filtering algorithm (Kalman filtering, KF) is introduced. The simulation results show
that the open-loop tracking structure has a faster convergence speed when tracking the TC-OFDM signal, and the accuracy is demonstrably higher than that of the traditional closed-loop. Hence, the adaptive KF makes the receiver well suited for applications with low CNR and environments with large signal fluctuations.

Keywords: Adaptive Kalman filter; communication system; open loop; signal tracking

Cite As

Z. Li, "Adaptive Tracking of Electronic Communication Signals Based on Nonlinear Filtering",
Engineering Intelligent Systems, vol. 32 no. 2, pp. 95-104, 2024.