Design of a PLC DC Motor Speed Regulation System Based on Fuzzy Control Algorithm


  • Qixiang Zhu School of Rail Transit, Fujian Chuanzheng Communications College, Fuzhou 350007, China


In order to ensure the stable operation of PLC (programmable logic controller) DC motor, a PLC DC motor speed control system based on a fuzzy control algorithm is designed. The hardware part of the system is designed by themachine vision hardware selection unit, frequency converter selection unit and controller selection unit. For the software part, by determining the expansion factor of the PLC DC motor speed regulation system, a fuzzy PID automatic controller is constructed based on the fuzzy control algorithm, and then the automatic control of the PLC DC motor speed regulation system is completed by means of fuzzy rules. The experimental results show that the control curve of frequency conversion speed regulation designed
in this paper is more consistent with the standard control curve, and the control effect is better.The tracking control error in the initial stage is small, the peak value is ?0.15, and the convergence speed is very fast. It has good nonlinear dynamic capability, does not need to input too much robust control voltage, the speed regulation accuracy of PLC DC motor can reach 100%, and the speed regulation effect is the best.

Keywords: Fuzzy control algorithm; machine vision; PID automatic controller; DC motor

Cite As

Q. Zhu, "Design of a PLC DC Motor Speed Regulation System Based on Fuzzy Control
Algorithm", Engineering Intelligent Systems, vol. 32 no. 2, pp. 127-132, 2024.