Application of 5G Wireless Communication and BIM Technology in Management of Construction Projects


  • Hao Pan Assets Management Division ( Infrastructure Construction), Tourism College of Zhejiang China, Hangzhou 311231, Zhejiang, China


With today’s advancement of science and technology, people’s demands for energy saving and environmental protection are increasing. The construction industry has huge carbon emissions and high energy consumption. Hence, technological transformation and industrial upgrading have always been the focus of social attention. From the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” to the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, China has established specific targets for energy conservation and emission reduction, albeit with little significant effect. As a new technology, BIM provides the best entry point and reform direction for the transformation of China’s construction industry. At present, the research and application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology is still in the emerging stage. In the construction stage, especially in large and complex construction projects, the BIM technology
has not been fully applied. However, given the current development trend, the application of BIM technology in the field of construction may become a mandatory requirement for industrial development and national construction. Therefore, in this paper, we propose the application of 5G wireless communication and BIM technology in the management of construction projects. This paper first introduces 5G communication technology and MIMO-D2D coexistence system. Then, it conducts in-depth research on its precoding technology algorithm and, finally, the experimental part analyzes the trend of China’s construction industry using BIM technology to research and analyze various aspects of construction such as building safety and completion speed. The experimental results show that the application of BIM technology can speed up the laying of bricks by up to four
times or more compared to the traditional method. Ultimately, this means that BIM technology will greatly influence the speed with which the whole construction process can be completed.

Keywords: BIMTechnology, Construction Project Management, 5GWireless Communication, D2D Communication Technology

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H. Pan, "Application of 5G Wireless Communication and BIM Technology in Management of Construction Projects", Engineering Intelligent Systems, vol. 32 no. 3, pp. 191-201, 2024.