Design of Virtual Reality Visualization Display System Based on Big Data Technology


  • Tao Zhang Animation Art Department, Zibo Vocational Institute, Zibo 255300, Shandong, China


With the widespread application of computer network technology, a large amount of data is generated in computer networks, leading to the era of big data. The construction of big data informatization has always been a focus of digital development, because the big data industry provides an indispensable technical support to industry, commerce, government, health, and other sectors of society. The development of social science and technology has led these various sectors to adopt big data technology, resulting in the emergence of technologies and their applications in various industries. Virtual reality (VR) is one such technology. Because traditional visualization display methods are unable to effectively display visual data, this study has explored existing visualization display methods by combining big data technology withVR visualization technology. This study used big
data technology to design a VR visualization display system that can present to the user images from multiple perspectives. The proposed method can improve the speed of visual data processing which, subsequently, can improve the smoothness of data conversion images. The experimental results showed that the proposed visual display system increased the frame count by 14.7 frames, with a high level of smoothness and clear and smooth dynamic effects. With the continuous development of technology and VR visualization display systems, the field of VR will continue to be improved, and other fields can provide effective references when using big data technology.

Keywords: big data technology; virtual reality; visualization technology; system design; data processing

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T. Zhang, "Design of Virtual Reality Visualization Display System Based on Big Data Technology", Engineering
Intelligent Systems,
vol. 32 no. 3, pp. 225-233, 2024.