Smart Grid Fault Diagnosis, Positioning Method and Monitoring System Based on Wireless Sensor Network


  • Zhijie Li School of Computers and Design, Guangdong Mechanical & Electrical Polytechnic, Guangzhou 510550, Guangdong, China
  • Jincheng Hu School of Information Management & Engineering, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Shanghai 200433, China


Information technology has undergone a great deal of development in response to the needs of individuals, communities, government bodies, and industry. A major development in recent years has been the wireless sensor network (WSN) which is a significant milestone in the development of information technology and an important indicator of the progress that has been made in the fields of science and technology. Wireless sensor networks now play a major role in areas such as the military, environmental development monitoring, biological research and medical system construction, disaster monitoring, and energy allocation. The development and management of smart grid are related to people’s daily lives and production activities. In order to improve the efficiency of smart grid management, in this paper, a monitoring system is designed for the prevention of grid failures based on the analysis of the construction of wireless sensor networks. Prior to designing the monitoring system, this study also examined the fault situation of the smart grid. The system proposed in this study can accurately determine the location of the fault. This study also verified the feasibility of the monitoring system through experiments, and analyzed the accuracy of the monitoring system in determining where the fault occurred.

Keywords: wireless sensor network; smart grid; fault diagnosis; monitoring system

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Z. Li, J. Hu, "Smart Grid Fault Diagnosis, Positioning Method and Monitoring System Based on Wireless
Sensor Network", Engineering Intelligent Systems, vol. 29 no. 6, pp. 363-369, 2021.